Needy Bulldog Makes It Difficult To Work From Home

Published January 19, 2018 6,837 Views $7.16 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSo you're working from home and trying to get seven hours of work done in three. That's exactly the moment Reuben the Bulldog decides it's "go time". He does a lot of sleeping, but when he wants to play there's no holding him back.

If you're looking for a calm, affectionate house dog, who will love you unconditionally and will be the perfect nap buddy, then the Bulldog in the pooch you are looking for. The chubby sack of sweet, sweet folds that last for days is a very good-natured dog who adores his folks, content to just hang out, live and let live. Like the frat buddy you wish you never had.

However, this dog needs much care and thrives on attention. He's not a good choice if you will leave him alone a lot. Lonely bulldogs can become destructive. Reuben here might not be alone in a complete sense of the word, but does feel lonely. What does he do? The perfect distraction technique!

Taking a few nibbles on an iPad is the perfect way to get noticed. Lucky for him, there's always time to take a break from the spreadsheets to get down on the ground and play. Nicely done, Reuben!

If only he wasn’t so high maintenance. Reuben might be a perfect specimen of his breed, with the broad, stubby muzzle, but he will always make a plea for attention.

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