No Treat Can Make This Cat Walk Properly With A Sweater On

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Published: January 19, 2018Updated: January 22, 2018

What can we say, we human love a good costume. The more ridiculous, the better! The one thing we love more than costumes are pet costumes! It doesn’t have to be elaborate or anything; a tiny little sweater on a dog or a cat is all it takes.

But here’s the thing: dogs can get used to wearing clothing. Dogs have been wearing harnesses since a long time ago, so a little sweater or a hoodie or a full blown Santa costume won’t do much harm. With cats, it’s a whole other shebang! Dogs might fake liking their suits because it pleases you, but cats don’t give a damn about it and they let you know it!

This cat can't get to the treat offered by his owner because of the sweater she's wearing. No matter how passionate the rustling of the treat bag, that sweater looks too damn heavy and constricting to get to the sweet snack. The owners sound like they are having fun, but lets poke deeper into this, shall we?

Felines in general just don’t like it when something is against their fur. If you are dressing your cat to stay warm, there’s no need, because the layers they already got are keeping them warm enough. You should only dress your cat if it’s a Sphynx and you live in Alaska!

If your animal seems to tolerate the article of clothing you so diligently donned upon it, just make sure it is not constricting or uncomfortable in any way! And by all means do not stress your pet further. If they don’t fit your costume, adjust yours to them if you want them in the gettup!

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