3 Exotic Animals to Own as Pets…or Maybe Not!

thelistPublished: January 19, 2018Updated: January 28, 2018
Published: January 19, 2018Updated: January 28, 2018

Dogs, cats, rabbits, or maybe even a lizard. These are pets you would normally expect to find in people’s homes. But according to new scientific criteria on what makes the best pet, you’d be better off snuggling with a Himalayan squirrel or mini kangaroo. Researchers at a prestigious Norwegian university studied ninety species of animals to determine which make the best pets. Surprisingly, dogs and cats didn’t make the cut – but some very odd creatures did. We headed to the zoo to see if this study is legit, or just a little too wild to be true! Josh Crabtree of The Phoenix Zoo introduced us to three of the animals from the study to see how well they’d do in your home.

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