Man Fails At Lifting Chair Against Wall

Published January 19, 2018 81,416 Views

Rumble Family gatherings are always crazy. You love them. You hate them. You can't escape them. You never know what shenanigans you're going to get into when you all get together. This is no less true for this family who decided to perform an impromptu physics experiment with nothing but their bodies, a wall, and a chair. 

These young men think they can stand and lift a chair while balanced against the wall. 

One of the boys positions himself facing the wall, feet together, and places the top of his head flat against the wall. But when he tries to pick up the chair and stand... FACE PLANT! He smashes his face against the wall. He looks like something out of a cartoon as he slips down the wall. 

Little do these men know, this is a common physics experiment. Men have a higher center of gravity than women do, so their sense of balance is centered in their torso. For women, their center of gravity is around the hips. So when men try this experiment, the wall is the only thing holding them up. Not so for women! Most women can pull it off without a hitch! Another point for feminism!

Nevertheless, this guy insists he can perform the trick. He steps out the ring as his brother steps up to the plate. NEW CHALLENGER! And this guy seems pretty cocky. 

This guy SAYS he's already done the trick before... But can he repeat it? 

He gets into position. Lifts up the chair. Then... SPLAT! This guy wipes out even worse than his brother did! Both he AND the chair fall face first into the floor. 

And what's worse? He tore a HOLE in the wall. Mom is MAD. 

It's safe to say you shouldn't try this trick at home.