Patricia Conlin PPC Candidate Durham

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Patricia (Tish) Conlin is an author, international speaker and small business owner. She and her late husband moved to Durham in 2005 to create jobs when they bought a local car dealership. She has raised her 2 boys here and been an active part of the community for almost 20 years.
Tish’s company, Global Consulting Group Inc., focuses on helping companies build thriving teams. She is an Emotional Intelligence Trainer, black belt martial artist and health coach. She has written two books on health and resilience and been a Keynote Speaker internationally.
Tish has been outspoken on the harm of mandates/lockdowns, radical ideologies in schools, climate taxes and unsustainable mass immigration. She ran in the 2021 federal election to stand up for individual rights and medical freedom of choice. As a mother of 2 boys, she is a passionate advocate of Parental Rights, protecting girls’ and women’s spaces, lower taxes, removal of NetZero mandates for farmers and exiting the WHO/UN. She believes in uniting the community with open and respectful dialogue and opposes cancel culture and government imposed censorship. She enjoys playing soccer, mountain biking, swimming and spending time in her vegetable garden or up at her cottage.

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