Penguin Casually Jumps Into Research Boat In Antarctica

rumblestaff Published January 19, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Trending News“Good afternoon, gentlemen. My name is Mr. Penguin and I would like to become part of your Australian Antarctic Division team.”

We assume that is how this adorable encounter went, because we can’t think of a solid reason why a penguin would jump on a dinghy filled with scientists, who happen to be human!

The footage shows the dinghy sitting still amind the ice in Antarctica, when all of a sudden a penguin literally flies out of the water and lands between the equipment, much to the entertainment of the dinghy’s occupants. The footage was captured by communications specialist Matthew McKay, who was travelling through sea ice at the time.

The team was collecting water samples for a research project in Newcombe Bay, when they got the friendly visit. According to the team, this particular curious fellow is an Adélie penguin.

The black and white flightless bird waddled along the edge of the boat, took a good survey of the bags of equipment stacked on top of each other at the bow, then turns around and goes right back in the freezing water!

According to a spokesperson for the Australian Antarctic Division, a total of eight of these curious birds greeted the boat and its researchers. This team from the Australian Antarctic Division is working out of Casey research station in a territory of Antarctica claimed by Australia. It is the third Australian station to occupy a site on Vincennes Bay, and is located in the Windmill Islands, just outside the Antarctic Circle.

Credit to 'Matthew McKay / Antarctic Division - Australia'.