Epic Skydiving Footage Through Norwegian Fjord

Published January 19, 2018 18,172 Views $0.28 earned

Rumble / Extreme SportsAdrenaline junkies, gather 'round! We all know the thrill when the rush of adrenaline hits you - blood pumping, ears throbbing, everything is going so fast while you let go! Whether it's a high speed chase, releasing the brakes on the bike as you ride downhill or in this girl's case, while skydiving!

Skydiving must be awesome - seeing the world from above, the horizon around, air rushing past your ears and you can't hear squat. You have a steep fall and when you get the que, you pull the cord to open the chute and land safely. They take their first steps off the plane and grab onto the roof bar, take a look down as they prepare and off they go. The scenery is just majestic! As their flying they go through some back and forth convo and then every men for'em self.

These guys enjoy the thrill of skydiving over Norwegian fjord, they experience the beautiful snow covered hills and take in the magnificent fields of green grass as they come to their landing.

Check it out as these daredevils skydive through a beautiful Norwegian fjord near Gudvangen. Check out that scenery!
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Quite an adventure!