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Published: January 18, 2018Updated: January 20, 2018

Diving in Malaysia, Sipidan. It was a morning dive, my 1st of the year..unbelievable moment happened when I realised I had lost my dive group, with a bottomless reef & all alone I started to panic! Especially when a group of 5 large Grey reef sharks show d up! For some reason though my adrenaline had kicked in & finding my friends faded & I just decided to embrace the moment and film all the action that was goin on!! One of the most exillerating dives I’ve ever had!!
The Grey Reef typically grows no larger than 2.5 meters (8 feet). This species can live to about 25 years of age. What really sets this shark apart is its keen sense of smell.

Like all Reef Sharks, it loves the warm and shallow waters near coral reefs or atolls. This is the most common shark in the entire Indo-Pacific and spends most if its time in depths up to 800 meters (2,635 feet).

This is a very social species, often seen building “schools” of more than 100. They are active both during the day as well as at night. Social hierarchies and dominance varies depending on the habitat of various shark populations, but a social structure is almost always apparent.
Because they are larger than most other species of Reef Shark, they are considered the most dominant species in the sensitive reef ecosystem.

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