Piggyback Riding Dog Takes Endless Turns On The Sled

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Published: January 18, 2018

This is the curious moment when man’s best friend decided to take a turn on the sled by jumping on owner’s back.

Footage was filmed on January 17, 2018 in Bogart, Georgia, USA featuring one very adventurous dog in the attempt to go sledding. Namely, owner decided to take his two-years-old dog sledding down a hill. After sliding down several times the dog acted like he wanted to go again and again, so he hopped on owner’s back when it was his turn to slide. Adorable!

This cheeky dog has come up with a goofy way to slide downhill, by jumping on owner’s back and firmly clutching his paws around man’s neck. Often times our pets pick up on our habits and start to imitate us, from sitting in a human-like fashion on the sofa, walking on their hind legs, or actually saying words.

Watch how this clever dog started copying his dad’s moves. After a light snowfall in Georgia, this family took their toddler sledding, however, they didn’t expect that it would be their dog who will do most of the sliding downhill. Adorable!

It is hilarious how this dog tries to figure out the most comfortable position on the sled, before finally deciding to hop on owner’s back and go with the flow! This may be the funniest piggyback ride we have ever seen, dad and dog sledding together down the snowy hill!

However, after taking several turns, the dog wasn’t ready for the fun to end so he trotted to the top of the hill for another go, back on dad’s back! Poor man, he has a heavy load on his back to bear!

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