Puppy Has Total Freak Out Over Lemon Slice

Published January 18, 2018 32,888 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLife is full with new and pleasant surprises when we are young. For the most of us, we find joy in experiencing what the world has to offer. Whether it is new locations, new people and of course all food is new at that point. Experimenting with food is one of the great experiences, while there is a huge choice. At the end of the day we choose what we think is best for us and whatever our taste buds approve of. However, those sour foods that often catch us by surprise are most definitely the most dramatic experiences when it comes down to food. In this video we have the perfect example of such case.

Here we have an 8-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog, called Sebastian, that has approached a lemon slice and is dedicated to trying it for the first time. To his knowledge, all the food that his owners have offered him thus far have been greatly delicious and enjoyable. However, he has yet to find out that not all food is to be welcomed with such enthusiasm. This little guy finds out that some foods make you spin your in circle till you completely lose you balance.

So, he approaches the lemon with all he joy in the world as we can clearly see in this video. He spots that his owner has kindly put out something in front of him and without any hesitation he reaches out and gives it a bite. As soon as his mouth comes in contact with the lemon, his jaw freezes. He start jumping up and down in the wonder of what the heck is that this little slice of tropical fruit has done to him. He is struck to the extant where he has run far off into the woods and is planning to never return again.

This little guy has a hilarious episode with a harmless lemon slice. Too funny!

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