This Woman Was Born Under A Lucky Star, And You're About To See Why

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Published: January 18, 2018

This is the terrifying moment when a woman avoids getting hit by a falling tree while she walks her baby in a stroller on a windy afternoon. Footage was filmed on January 18, 2018 in Horst, Netherlands and shows the close call this lady had with a falling timber!

Security camera footage shows a unsuspecting woman walking by a tall tree only moments before the huge timber is sent falling down by the strong winds, narrowly missing a woman pushing her child past in a stroller. This shocking footage will have you mind-blown!

Watch the insane video showing a tree falling out of the blue just inches from a woman pushing her baby in a stroller. This is one lucky lady! She is obviously very confused and dazzled by the near-death experience. This is what second chance at life looks like!

This poor woman and her baby came just inches from certain death after a tree fell during a major windstorm in the Netherlands. The unsuspecting mother is casually pushing the stroller, ignorant of the power of strong winds!

It is incredible how close this lady came to the falling tree. The huge timber can be seen tipping over, and eventually falling just inches away from the woman and the stroller. Fortunately, nobody got hurt by the falling timber!

When bad winds battered the Netherlands, felling trees, toppling trucks and tearing roofs off buildings were no rare phenomenon. Reportedly, at least three people were killed in the Netherlands as a result of the strong gale winds, which reached speeds of about 75 mph.

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