Episode 2365 CWSA 01/26/24

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United States of Texas, we see these truths to be self-evident. Bring coffee.
Politics, Vince McMahon, Cannabis-Induced Psychosis, Deep Fake Biden Robocalls, Lia Thomas, Tucker Carlson Canada, Inflation Mystery, Peter Navarro Prison, Weaponized DOJ, WaPo, Free Speech Suppression, Jonathan Turley, Broken Mating System, Biologic Satisfaction, Female Mating Strategy, Sperm-Based Immigration Policy, Border Crisis, Mass Deportation, Bill Ackman, Utah DEI Bill, Border Bill Propaganda, Joe Scarborough, KanekoaTheGreat, Wrap-Up Smear, Hunting Republicans, Media Matters, Business Insider, Forbes, ICJ Israel Gaza Ruling, Houthis, Iran Terrorism Support, Scott Adams

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