Maine Coon Cat named Narnia is mesmerised by her first heavy snowfall

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Published: January 18, 2018Updated: January 20, 2018

Narnia is mesmerized by everything unusual that is going on the outside and heavy snowfall is an almost non-existent event where we live. Well, until now. As you can see as she is quite mesmerized by it. It’s like she is hypnotized and is trying to track every snowflake. Sadly for her, they are way too many for her to be able to cope. But she is a smart cat and divides her attention between all of them - she is a Maine Coon after all.
Maine Coons are known to be an extremely intelligent breed, who likes to know what is going on around them. And Narnia is a typical example of that. She is trying to witness every bird and every plane and every firework that happens in the area. Although she likes to be very … hmmmm, informed about what is going on around her, she is extremely scared of the outside. She doesn’t like to go outside of the door!
This breed of cats originates from Maine, USA. They are the biggest domestic cat breed and they are nicknamed - Gentle Giants because they are also extremely careful how they carry themselves. Once she jumped on the side of the sofa. We had a full pint of beer on it and she barely made the liquid move.
Her Royal Fluffiness - Princess Narnia is an amazing little girl, who carries around with the grace of a true lady, which is not of a great surprise. One of the legends says that the breed’s grandparents were Marie Antoinette’s Persian cats. Long story short, there was a ship who was ready to aid her escape to the new world during the French Revolution. It is not sure if this legend is sure, but there is a great resemblance between the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat. And recent history uncoverings show that The Vikings reached North America.

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