.50 BMG Round set off OUTSIDE a gun - What happens?

TAOFLEDERMAUSPublished: January 18, 2018Updated: January 20, 2018325 plays$0.21 earned
Published: January 18, 2018Updated: January 20, 2018

Hi everyone, let's hope Rumble treats us fairly -- let's make this site THE place to see the coolest videos!
In this video, Danny modified a device to set off a .50 bmg round outside the chamber of a gun. How dangerous is it? What happens?

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      TAOFLEDERMAUS · 1 year ago


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      TheBeardedOutdoorsman · 1 year ago

      Man jeff, i hope this works out for you! Im looking for alternatives too. Being a small channel mine is getting ready to lose all monetization..maybe i can do better here!