ABC Stages Reunion Of 30-Year Illegal Alien Who Was Deported And Family; It's Been 3 Days

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Rumble The Garcia family appeared on ABC on Thursday (Jorge appeared via satellite from Mexico City), and they talked about how they’ve been holding up throughout their ordeal. Jorge’s wife Cindy spoke about their efforts to get him legalized, and she said that her husband’s deportation is proof that the immigration system is “broken.”

“He was deported because he came into the country at 10 years old illegally,” said Mrs. Garcia. “We tried to fix the status and the system failed us.”

Sunny Hostin ended up hugging Garcia’s young son, Jorge Garcia Jr., when he burst into tears as he and his sister Soleil spoke about life without their father.

Jorge noted that President Donald Trump‘s policies deported him when they were supposed to focus on criminal aliens, and Cindy took the opportunity to call for congressional action on behalf of DACA Dreamers. When the Garcia kids began crying again, Goldberg thanked them all for sharing their story.

“Thank y’all for coming because I think it’s important for people to understand, this is not some random conversation,” Goldberg said. “This is real people’s lives.”