Courageous Dog Charges At Crocodile Sending Him Back Into The Water

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Published: January 18, 2018

This is the incredible moment when one courageous dog decided to show one crocodile where he belongs. Footage was filmed on December 23, 2017 in Goat Island, Northern Territory, Australia and shows the crazy moment when a tiny poodle managed to chase a huge reptile back to the water.

The filmmaker was visiting Goat Island with family when King Kai, the owner of the property, called a crocodile named Casey out of the water. Watch how relaxed this croc is, chilling on the shore, not moving a muscle. However, moments later, we start to hear dog barks. Apparently, the dog gets a little jealous at the reptile and tries to chases the huge croc back into the river by barking!

This badass little dog fails to scare off the crocodile with his bark, so he decides to go to him and chase him away with his presence! What a brave little rascal! This doggo with a death wish went above and beyond to protect its humans from harm and engaged in fierce battle!

Owner explains that this crocodile is normally feeding of chicken on Goat Island in Australia, but apparently the dog felt that enough is enough and decided to step in and chase the gator. Watch how, after gaining up the courage with barks, the little pup attacks the crocodile, biting its tail and forcing it back in the water. Could you believe this fellow? We cannot believe our eyes!

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