Impatient Dog Honks The Horn While Waiting For Owner

ViralVideoUKPublished: January 18, 2018
Published: January 18, 2018

An adorable footage has emerged of a Bulldog sitting in the drivers side and honking the horn. According to his owner, this adorable pooch love to take after his owner and take the car out for a ride around the block.

This is the party car. Check out this footage of a dog sitting in the drivers seat and ready to take on the challenge. He has quite the charm and positive energy which will sure make your day. Watch as he his groovy moves into action!

This musky pup certainly knows his way around the car. Taking all his puppy power and expressing it to the world. His great posture and just unquestionable determination is much more then we could ask for. This guy is just too much. Adorable!

This guy has always had a "thing" for fast and musky cars. And of course, his owner happens to have just the right kind. He cant help but get in the car and see from first hand what the sports car feel is all about. Unlike poodles, who tend to stand on their back feet and move their happy feet to the rhythm, putting on a decent dance performance, moving their tiny paws in the air, this tough guy decides to engage in challenges above any other dog would dare to try.

This day is this puppy's chance to prove to the world that doggies are much more than cuddly animals and great companions. Who knows maybe one day they will be the ones driving us around. Take a look!

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