Wild Deer Comes Running From The Forest At The Sound Of Apple Crunching

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Rumble / Wild WildlifeThere is a protected forest north of Peterborough, Ontario, where deer thrive. They cannot be hunted here and predators are few. They have become accustomed to the humans who live in the area and will often wander near or watch them curiously from a short distance. This has gone on for generations and the deer know little fear of humans. Because this is a protected sanctuary, the interaction with humans poses no threat.

If you sit quietly in the forest for long enough, you are likely to see deer wander past as they graze and explore. Crunching on a snack can make them even more bold.

This man sat quietly on a log and ate his apple. It seemed that there were no deer to be seen, but suddenly, a small doe ran right to him, hopped over a log and stood in front of him expectantly. The smell of the apple, or the sound of it was obviously too tempting to resist. She watches him curiously as he holds out the apple. On past occasions, these deer have occasionally come close enough to eat out of his hand. This one seems reluctant though and he bites off a piece to share. He tosses a chunk in the grass and the deer sniffs it out.

On very rare occasions, the does will even bring their fawns out of hiding as they visit. It is typical for a doe to hide her fawns in the long grass for hours at a time while they wander off in search of food. They keep an eye from a distance and distract predators, if needed. Communicating with their tails, ears and body language, does will signal danger and fawns will obediently take cover. Bringing them out of hiding in the presence of a human shows enormous trust.

Deer are one of the most beautiful and gentle animals on earth and spending time sitting quietly in a peaceful forest, sharing the silence with such a graceful creatures is an unforgettable experience.