Here's What Cat People Do When It's Cold Outside

Published January 18, 2018 19,441 Plays

Rumble The cold weather can bring both the good and the bad in us. If you like the rosyness on your cheeks whenever a chillier breeze drafts by, then you probably don’t understand the sheer agony experienced by people who hate the cold weather. For them the lowering of the temperature is an equivalent to the end of all time. They act like they’ve stopped functioning and they hole up in warm places like bears do when they hibernate. If it wasn’t so drastic, it might have even been funny.

However, there’s one good thing that comes out of this situation, and that is the ability and the need to cuddle up to practically anything. Apparently, cats are just like these people, because the furry fluffbals don’t mind the cuddles and scratches this time of the year. If you don’t believe us, here’s a prime example in the video.

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but snuggling with your cats is so delightful … I wonder how many hours we spend with cats on our laps each year?! Happy 2018 everyone, stay warm and safe out there :)” is the message user “coleandmarmalade” wrote about this video. Apparently, the cats they own adore the feeling of his plush robe and they like to snuggle up to it, even fall asleep inside any chance they get. He is so thoughtful, he lets them sleep on him for more than two hours without moving an inch. How adorable is that?!



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