Guy Notices Something In His Frozen Pool, Then Breaks The Ice

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Published: January 18, 2018

Winters can get excruciatingly cold especially living up north. The winters are merciless when the temperatures drop way below the zero. Starting from lakes, to creeks, to all the small water resorts always seems to freeze. This can for bring many problems into one society. Such as pipes freezing and bursting, leaving many people without water for days. Sometimes, the cold, even has an impact on the electrical wires that run through the town and generate electricity for it. All and all, winter can be really scary and dangerous and it is specially important that we remain in doors and keep warm.

However for this guy its all about fun and games. As him and who ever is filming this video walk out into their backyard and to the pool, they realise that their pool is completely frozen. The guy mentioned that earlier he saw something beneath the frozen waters of the pool that he just could not identify beforehand. So, as anyone of us would do he went, took his ice pick and started jabbing it into the ice.

North Carolina obviously has some intense winters, and this one was surely no exception - I mean, just look at how deep that ice cover is! The whole pool was one big icy pond, and this guy made it his mission to find out what lies beneath the thick ice. It took him some effort and hard work to find out what's lurking in the unknown. As you can see in the video, he's gentle enough as to not hurt the giant rubber duck that probably remained on the pool's surface since last summer (hey, no questions asked), and as he jabs away, the suspense grows.

Now we get to a point where we're on the edge of our seats - what can it be? What creature is going to emerge from that tiny hole that barely fits this guy's hand? Frankly, the end is a real twist. Who saw it coming? Nobody, not even us! As the video comes to a conclusion, we see something pinkish emerging from the icy waters - a hand. And it's alive! I definitely wouldn't have placed my bets on a hand in the frozen pool.

The situation got really tense as he was digging through. And to make it worse, the ice wouldn't break through for a longer while. To be frank, it actually gave him a bit of trouble. However, he stuck by it and after a while of stabbing and poking he managed to break through. You will definitely not expect as to what he finds inside. Check out what this dude finds hiding below the frozen ice in his backyard pool. Let's just hope that he managed to warm that hand up when he got back in the coziness of his house.

What were your guesses? Did you expect the end to be like that? Share this video with your friends, it might just turn out to be a cool guessing game. And yes, pun intended.

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    MamaSueChickk · 33 weeks ago

    That’s stupid.

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    I agree was bot funny, could be dangerous, stab could get wrong and inflict some damage on his friend

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    Pretty disappointing

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    This video is offensive. That's the white power sign...

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    Sorry. Never mind my comment. My sons just informed me that it is a gaming sign having to do with trickery. Lol My bad.