Pet Rat Really Loves To Be Pampered

KatiekatkaboomPublished: January 18, 20181,434 views
Published: January 18, 2018

Let’s be real for a moment here. When we think about pets, the most unusual thing we think of are pet rocks. They are the best really; you can pet them and squeeze them and they will not let out even a peep of protest. Plus, you don’t have to feed them or clean after them. Score! But not once have we thought about keeping a rodent as a pet. Why would we?

Surprisingly, rodents make the best pets. They are small enough even for the smallest of apartments, they can be entertained for hours on end with simple items as toys, cleaning up after them is fairly easy and they love affection. It is like the perfect splice between a cat and a dog, minus the biting and scratching.

So if you or someone you know is contemplating the idea of keeping a pet rat, show them this clip. This handsome fella is in love with the process of pampering and he lets his owner know it. The owner, armed with the simplest of toothbrushes, strokes the head of the brown little fella with all the love and affection a human being can muster. And the pet is really enjoying the brushing; he even squints his eyes in delight. Ah, bliss…

But it seems he is not alone! The rat’s cagemate caught up on the action and wanted some for himself. But our first hero doesn’t want to share his toothbrush, so the moment he caught wind of competition, he ran off.

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