Airstrip One Cop Tried to get British Pianist to Cave to Communist Chinese

4 months ago

A few days ago I posted a video which showed British pianist Brendan Kavanaugh in a dispute with Communist Chinese who demanded he remove the video showing them even though he was playing a piano in a public space. At the time it seemed that Kavanaugh, whose story was publicized worldwide, had triumphed in his support for freedom as opposed to CCP thuggery. However, as you can see, this apparent victory for freedom came DESPITE one of the cops who tried to get Kavanaugh to cave to the Communist Chinese. At one point you can see a look of smug triumph come over the British cop's face when she thought she caught Kavanaugh in the Thought Crime of saying this isn't China despite the fact they they were not in China and the complainants nearby were waving Communist Chinese flags.

I wish I could tell you this ultimately ended up, despite the opposition of the Airstrip One cop, as a triumph for freedom but, unfortunately, there is a very sad update. Is this the end of the story or will Elton John, whose piano it is, weigh in? Stay tuned as we find out if it is still Great Britain or has it finally descended into Airstrip One?

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