They Bump Into Each Other, Then Go On To Create The Most Epic Guitar Battle Ever

6 years ago

If you haven’t watched at least one Star Wars movie, what have you been doing with your life? We know that you’re probably hearing this a lot, but seriously, stop whatever it is you’re doing and watch episode IV, you’ll thank us later. Some might say that the best and only way to watch the franchise is to start with episode I, but we say start with the first film ever created, everything will make much sense later on.

These guys must be huge Star Wars fans, because it takes one to create this level of epicness. The whole thing starts with two guys wearing cloaks in the middle of a mall. We just know that something unusual is going to happen because… Well, it’s 2018, and our usual attire doesn’t require wearing cloaks.

All of a sudden, they pull out their guitars and whip up a mean guitar riff. We can see where this is headed as they try to mimic each other’s solos and let’s just say that they are doing an awesome job at it. We soon realize that the guy wearing a black cloak is supposed to be a Sith Lord, whole the one in brown with a white undershirt is acting as a Jedi. This talented duo draws a lot of attention and video action from passersby. However, it all changes when a third party arrives, a girl wearing a grey cloak and an absolutely fierce attitude. She manages to blow them away with her guitar techniques as the song is nearing to an end. The Sith Lord admits defeat, and The Last Jedi film is reenacted, dubbed as The Last Shredi. Incredible!

Jedi vs Sith Guitar Battle - The Last Shredi

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