This Pilot’s Passion To Save Birds Will Give You Goosebumps

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Rumble One man and his ultralight plane are teaching orphaned birds how to migrate while giving people a front row seat of nature in action.

To humans, he is the Bird Man, to birds, he is their mother.

When Christian Moullec saw that lesser white-fronted geese were having trouble with their migration from Germany to Sweden in 1995, he didn’t think twice and took to the skies to help them. Today, if the weather allows, he flies off with birds on an almost daily basis.

Christian Moullec flies alongside birds to help them migrate safely. He spent over twenty years protecting endangered bird species in France. Moullec trains orphaned birds using a theory known as “imprinting”. Hatchlings regard the first moving thing they see as their mother. Even if it is an ultralight, they will follow it everywhere. Moullec is not the only human member of the flock. People come from all over the world to fly with him and his birds. The Bird Man hopes his life’s work will help give orphaned birds a fighting challenge. Proving that when it comes to making a difference the sky is the limit.

Now he is the President of a very small organization called “V: Fly with Birds" (the here V stands for the flock formation which migrating birds assume when flying). Christian has proven his aerial kinship with geese at various French and UK air shows and is always happy to attend similar events on call, raising awareness and bringing the display of "Flying with Geese" to a wider audience.