J6 Prisoner Jeremy Brown Joins Us Live from Pinellas County Jail to Talk All Things America

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January 6th prisoner Jeremy Brown calls into American Patriots for God and Country from Pinellas County Jail to talk with Steve Baldassari about all things America at 7PM EST.

Jeremy is an ex-Green Beret who received 7 years in prison for merely being at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 and for wanting to keep his country free from the tyranny that was and is the 2020 usurper Biden Administration Election Fraud coup d'etat on the United States of America. In addition, Jeremy has to serve three years of supervised release after his prison sentence. For all intensive purposes, Jeremy Brown is a Prisoner of War (POW), a war that the communist left who have taken over the USA have waged on the freedom-loving American people.

Jeremy frequently calls into the Rumble channel called 'Jeremy Brown Campaign'. Feel free (because whether the tyrants like it or not, you are) to subscribe to his channel so you can listen to Jeremy's take on America whenever your freedom-loving hearts desire. You can find the link to his channel below.

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