These Amazing Stunts Prove That Life Is More Than A Balancing Act

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Published: January 17, 2018

Humans have been pushing their limits since the beginning of our existence. We have been striving toward unbelievable heights and uncounted measures. Pushing our bodies and minds to the limits to finding out how far they can go. We've learned the act of flying looking at the birds as an example and further on tried to invent something that will take us into the sky. We've seen fish swimming in deep waters and so we've taken toward creating some way in which we can do so as well. We've seen how quick the Emu is and so we wanted to go fast as well. We have been striving for better, quicker and more extreme ways to feed the urge to move forward ever since we've populated the Earth.

Stuntmen of the early 20th century lived hard and played hard. They may have been slightly crazy, but they helped prove anything is possible. From jumping off high buildings, to crashing at high speeds and even experimenting with fire and water. These early men have proven that the human can go far beyond what we might think. The incredible and unimaginable ways that we can bend, is most definitely something that is beyond our imagination. All we have to do is let our mind stretch beyond its imagination.

If you happen to be a history geek and take interest in where we come from and the limits to our bodies, make sure to check out this video!

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