Sweet Pups Hold Each Other's Leash During Their Walk

serenagffPublished: January 17, 20187,645 views
Published: January 17, 2018

What dog doesn’t want to go out for a walk? Just hearing the word makes tails go wild and pups big and small jump up and down at the front door, waiting for it to open, so that they can fling outside into the great outdoors. Sure, we’ve seen a dog or two who absolutely <a href="https://rumble.com/v3qs1d-puppy-refuses-to-leave-bed-for-a-walk.html" target="_blank">refuse</a> to go for a walk, no matter how sweetly their owners plead them to go. No treats will make those pups budge.

But these two, now they are special. Everyone, we would like you to meet Serena and Donatella. The two princesses love their walks, but they love each other more and they would like nothing more than to hold each other’s leash when they go outside.

Just look at how precious they are! With those cutesy bows attached to their ears like they are pigtails, the two adopted sisters show off their strawberry blond tresses on a gorgeous sunny day, while walking each other. It doesn’t get cuter than this, folks.

Okay, maybe we have to put Chubby the Bulldog in this combination, but for some different reasons. See, Chubby is one of those dogs who aren’t too keen on walks, but it has to be done. Sadly, when he heard that his favorite cookie person isn’t at home, he <a href="https://rumble.com/v38mm5-i-aint-walking-unless-i-get-my-treat.html" target="_blank">refused</a> to finish the tedious task!

Check it out as each one of these Golden Retrievers holds the other's leash in their mouth. Priceless!

Credit to @serena.gff

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