Male & Female Bearded Dragons Go Crazy when Reunited

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Published: January 17, 2018Updated: January 20, 2018

Rango and Blaze the bearded dragon lizards went Crazy when they got to see each other after Months apart!
As Soon as they saw each other Rango Ran and banged really hard into the vivarium to see his girlfriend! then they did the Tango together :-DD

Rango and Blaze used to share a Vivarium together, but they now have there own Big Vivarium's to themselves, as you can see in this video they have really missed each other and are Very pleased to see each other again.

Rango is a big male bearded dragon he is a very soppy boy our loves Blaze the red female bearded dragon.

It is not advised to keep a male and female in a Vivarium together for very long as these are solitary animals and the male will try and mate with the female a lot, which is not good for there health even if the female wants to like Blaze does in this video, its not advised.

Bearded dragons are great Reptiles and make really good family pets, they are also lot easier to look after than many other Reptiles, once there Vivarium is set up that's the main hard work done, but you have to do your research to make sure it is all right for them.
Bearded dragons display their neck skins during the mating process or when feeling territorial. They also fan out their skin beards if they feel threatened. A bearded dragon has a flat body, but it becomes more prominent when the reptile feels alarmed.
Bearded dragons wave one of the forelimbs around in a slow and circular fashion to exhibit submission or to ward off aggression from larger dragons. A male that motions his head up and down displays dominant behaviour.

Please check out our other videos of our other animals and lots more, Thanks.

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