Illusionist Makes Coffee Vanish Into Thin Air With His Dazzling Magic Trick

Published January 16, 2018 4,929 Plays

Rumble / Magic TricksA mind-blowing video has emerged of an illusionist performing some wild tricks that will make you not believe your eyes. Check out this magician make an iced coffee from Starbucks simply disappear. How did he do that?!

Footage shows this talented magician performing a baffling trick in front of the camera, making the coffee to disappear in front of the unsuspecting audience. He holds a Starbucks cup into one of his hands and does a hand gesture, allegedly lowering the coffee level into the cup. The disappearing coffee is one of his best tricks and he performs it next to perfection!

This is what you do when your coffee is not good, you make it disappear into thin air! It is the most visual coffee magic trick we have ever seen. The coffee has apparently vanished. This science magic trick is similar to an easy magic trick called “Cold as Ice.”

Apparently, in this science magic trick, the illusionist caused the coffee that he poured into a cup to magically vanish, as if into thin air. Interestingly, this is a science magic trick that is based on a scientific principle that you don’t tell spectators about, as opposed to being a demonstration of a scientific concept that appears to be a magic trick.

A compound that is known as sodium polyacrylate helps you perform the trick. Sodium polyacrylate acts like a sponge and absorbs moisture. When mixed with water, the compound actually turns into a solid gel. And once the sodium polyacrylate forms a gel, the water is no longer liquid and can’t pour out. Incredible!

Technically, the particles in sodium polyacrylate have a property known as being hygroscopic, which means that they absorb and hold water. Of course, this property is the reason why the compound is used in baby diapers to absorb moisture and keep babies dry and comfortable.