Womb Warfare

29 days ago

Warfare, Pacifism and the Anti-abortion Movement

If we are declaring the true humanity of the child in the womb, we will treat him like we would any other human - as much as we are able.

Of course, we are not able to wipe the nose of a baby in the womb or change his diapers as he is not accessible to us. But we are able to protect him from those who would take his life by abortion. There are locations around the land which advertise their guilt and vulnerability. Such self-proclamations make the visitation of their locations an easy endeavor.

The recommendation by many "pro-lifers" is protests and, at best, Operation-Rescue-type blockades (now a thing of the past following FACE and the oppression of SCOTUS). Sadly, such strategies. nevertheless, fall terribly short of an effect remedy.

Costly, in terms of jail time and fines, is direct action. One can terminate the murderer by whatever means one can or destroy the tools by which he commits murder. Both are fair options.

This declaration need not be assessed as one which urges such action. It is, however, consistent and necessary to a sound apologetic for the sanctity of unborn human life.


23 Jan 2024

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