POV Footage Shows Firefighter Catching Child From Burning Building

Published January 16, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsThere can be no shred of doubt that you have to be incredibly courageous to be able to work as a firefighter. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it; these men and women know what is at stake every time they go to a burning building and they still decide to put their lives at risk to save others.

But if there are still people out there that still believe firefighting is one of the safest professions today, just show them this video. After watching it, no one will able to convince you out of the fact that firefighters are, in fact, heroes.

The footage was released from Dekalb County Fire Department on Monday, January 15, showing a department building caught ablaze. Firefighters are running up and down the street, rushing to rescue everyone in the building before dousing it with water. The whole thing looks like a clip from a biopic; the point-of-view, the clarity of the footage, the severity of the flames, it all looks so surreal. The thing looks like it might just be CGI, for all we know.

But then, something happens right before the viewers’ eyes, that will make you snap out into reality. As the firefighters were busy tending to the blazing tongues, tenants from the third floor are climbing down the firefighters’ ladder propped on their balcony. A father is climbing down one of the ladders, with his daughter in his arms. The firefighters are waiting below just in case something happens.

And it does happen - the father tosses the 5-year-old daughter down into the arms of the strong hero, waiting on the ground. The firefighter, later identified as Captain Scott Stroup, runs away from the burning building, with the screaming child in his arms, to the EMTs waiting to accept the victims of the fire.

To Captain Stroup and to all the firefighters involved, hats off.

Credit to 'Dekalb County Fire Rescue Department / Local 1492'.