5 years ago

Shapeshifting Octopus Is Master Of Disguise And Camouflages Perfectly Into A Reef

Octopus is the most intelligent and widely populated creature among the entire Ocean. There are many different types of octopus but they are all masters of disguise and are often seen camouflaging themselves among the reef with a skin ability to mimic exact the same color and the texture of the surface.

Footage filmed on December 14, 2016 in Mozambique features an octopus swimming into the blue with diver tagging along and following his every move. Moments later, the octopus rests on the bottom of the ocean and immediately changes color and texture in order to blend into the environment. Incredible!

Watch as the octopus swims in the depths of the ocean and resembles a badminton birdie flying across the field. This octopus was filmed off the coast of Mozambique on a reef called Doodles at approximately 65 feet.

Life in the wild can be tough, and for many animals, the best way to survive is by hiding from predators in plain sight. One of nature’s most impressive masters of disguise is the octopus, which can change color and texture in less than a second, blending into its surroundings with incredible accuracy.

This octopus can be seen swimming straight, with the diver tagging along, tailing his smooth moves into the blue. Watching this octopus swim it resembles a badminton birdie, but in a split second, it slows down, lands on the sand and immediately changes its body color as it moves over different surfaces in order to camouflage itself as it moves in the open.

Moments later, the octopus is seen entering a small cave under the coral, struggling briefly to fit into the crack and professionally camouflage his presence from predators. The struggle is over quickly and the octopus remains fully out of sight.

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