Cavapoo puppy christmas surprise

stevebullmanPublished: January 16, 2018Updated: January 20, 201890 plays$0.09 earned
Published: January 16, 2018Updated: January 20, 2018

My daughter Keeley had been begging me for a puppy since she was 5 years old, its all she ever asked for every christmas. Due to my work I was unable to commit to having a puppy as it would be left for long lengths of time. As I retired from my day job to work from home at christmas, it was the perfect time to give my daughter and the family(including me) just what they had always wanted.
We picked up the puppy 2 days before christmas and as the kids were at their mums it gave us time to let the puppy settle into its new surroundings. We also took this opportunity to train it to get used to being closed in the box. Bit by bit over the 2 days we left him in the box for short period of time, starting at 10 seconds and gradually getting a little bit longer each time, and rewarded him with treats and praise every time we took the lid off.
We waited till the kids arrived christmas day then put him in the box before they entered the room, he was in there for about 1 minute and the training really paid off as he behaved perfectly till the moment the box was opened. The joy on my children's faces speaks for itself!

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