People Throughout History Have Been Dying To Follow These Fashion Trends

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Rumble You thought wavy brows were a ridiculous fashion trend to die for? Think again - people way back in history were dying long before. Lucky for us, now we know better than to fall victim to something as killer as radioactive makeup. Corsets are a different thing altogether.

It is not cheap to be stylish and trendy. You think wearing high heels can be dangerous for your health? How about having to bind your feet so tight, they will only grow up to three inches? The lotus feet trend was huge in 10th century China, where women with smaller feet had much higher value. They would break and restructure the bones of their feet, which in turn meant limited walking, neverending infections and a lifetime of pain. So wear those stilettos, sister!

Thing strobing and contouring is too much? History has been dotted with the wealthy, both men and women, using lead-based makeup to make themselves present wealthy. Pale skin meant you didn’t need to expose yourself to the sun’s rays in the field. But the poison would eat away at the skin and ultimately rot the teeth.

Speaking of rotten teeth, they too were once a big fashion statement of the wealthy. The Elizabethan era brought sugar to the tables of aristocrats, but not oral hygiene. Sugar was pricey, but dental decay meant you had plenty in your coffers to afford cake for dinner. Yikes!

Women today rebel against something as simple as a bra, but before we had these cups attached with a string to poke in our flesh, ladies of yesteryear would wear tightlacing corsets to make their waists as tiny as possible. It wasn’t without a price though, as tightlacing mashed their organs together, broke their ribs and made fashion followers faint with shortness of breath.

Men weren’t without their guilty pleasures too. In Edwardian era, toffs would wear high collars that made the girls swoon over them. It was the guys who did the swooning for appearance, as the collars were so stiff, they cut off blood supply to the brain. No wonder they were so silly!

Keep watching for more historically deadly fashion trends!