Epstein, Twitter Files & Election Fraud: Nate Cain Exposes the Intelligence Agencies' Dark Secrets

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Nate Cain, who is running for Congress in West Virginia, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to share some exciting news… he just got the endorsement from General Michael Flynn! Given his extensive background in the FBI and then coming out as a whistleblower, Cain has an understanding about how our government and Deep State operates that the majority of Americans are simply oblivious to.

We discussed at length how the intelligence agencies are weaponizing the government against us, American citizens. This is a wild and glaringly obvious violation of the United States Constitution. And, unfortunately, Cain has been on the receiving end of this weaponization and shares his story.

Given his cybersecurity and intelligence background, Cain breaks down some of the many ways the intelligence agencies violate our constitutional rights. He discusses the significance of the Twitter Files and how the FBI violated Americans’ right to privacy through social media and now even banks. He also discusses the Jeffrey Epstein case and how the government uses people like him to essentially own people they deem as assets.

And then finally, we also discuss at length how the Powers-That-Be rig elections. Cain was an expert witness in multiple election fraud cases, and saw how it was done up close. As he shares, it was a super convoluted and complicated rigging… it was actually quite simple. Unfortunately, many on our side of the fight make everything so complicated and get distracted by influencers that our fight to secure elections gets derailed.

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