Adorable Pile Of Dreaming Pugs Snoring Their Life Away

Published January 15, 2018 40,912 Plays $107.47 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is the heartwarming moment when six adorable pugs went to dreamland. Check out these snoring pugs sleeping in the corner of their owner's bedroom. Turn up the volume!

This snoring pile of pugs is guaranteed to put a smile on your face after you witness them sleeping in an adorably hilarious position. The six pups have chosen a hilarious position to fall asleep, some lay on their back, others have fallen fast asleep and engaged in loud snoring, others have their paws lifted up in the air. Priceless!

Sometimes it is better to do things with a group than alone. Watch as these six little pug puppies blissfully sleep, tucked in on their cozy pillow on the floor.

These six adorable baby pugs catching some sleep together have made our day. Footage shows the cute pugs sleeping tightly squished next to one another, comfortably nested on their cozy bed. Clearly these puppies are completely content with their lack of personal space because they love the warmth their closeness gives.

Any pug owner will agree that this breed gets a bit of a bad reputation in regard to sleep because they are sometimes thought of as a lazy breed. A dog that takes over your favorite chair and sleeps his life away, snoring as if he doesn't have a care in the world.

While it may be true that pugs tend to snore, and make other interesting noises, he does not sleep more than any other breed and he is not lazy at all. In fact, pugs are super animated, very personable and eager canines that often are curious, emotional and expressive.

In addition, pugs thrive on attention and often follow their owner's mood and vibes. If you sleep a lot, your pug is not going to pace around the room, instead he will be right by your side. However, if you're active, he will want to be right there with you.

In fact many pugs need to have limitations set because they'll push themselves to far and can have overheating and breathing issues, which makes for the snoring problem in this breed!