Frenchie Tells Owner She's Sad In The Cutest Way

Published January 14, 2018 45,219 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe do love our pets to bits, but sometimes boundaries must be set in order to ensure everybody knows their place in the pack. The pets try to understand this as best as possible and we commend them for it. But every once in a while, they will make their sentiment known and it the saddest, cutest possible way. They will make it sound it is their last dying wish, thinking that their sad sound will make us want to jump at the opportunity to alleviate them of their misery. It used to work when they were tiny, but not anymore!

Betty the black French Bulldog seems to want something from her owner. She can’t talk like her owner can, so Betty does what every other unaccomplished pooch will do in her stead. She sat on the other side and whined her little heart out, looking in the distance like she saying something deep and meaningful, then looking back at her owner with those big brown!

No! We will not be bullied into stepping down from our decision! Betty might have been a good girl all this time, but she can’t have what she wants, not now.

Her owner asks Betty: “Are you okay? Are you sad?” and the gorgeous pup smacks her empty mouth and sighs so deeply, one should think she lost everything...Poor Betty, she can’t really tell how she feels, so we get to watch and listen to her whines.

Finally, Betty gives up on her endeavor, so she just rests her head on the cushion and waits for deliverance.