Dog Attempts To Sneak Up On German Shepherd In Plain Sight

krbridges1974 Published January 14, 2018 5,509 Plays $15.43 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesConfusion can sometimes take part in our every day life. Its not always the case that we are aware, and many things can play a part in that. Sometimes it might be the factor of not getting enough sleep, sometimes its just not our day and sometimes, only sometimes, it can be our playful spirit and our imagination. Most definitely here, we strongly believe it is the last one!

In this video we have two lovely puppies, out of who, one is a German Shepard and the other what looks to be a Labrador. However, it seems that the Lab has been caught by surprise by the Shepard several times and now he is out for revenge. Although we just cant see how that is going to play out due to the fact that this Lab is just too obvious for its own good. Winston clearly has not mastered the art of sneaking yet. He attempts to sneak up on his best friend Skottke with no actual attempt to surprise.

This Lab is so bad at taking his friend by surprise that it actually hurt. However, there is still a lesson in all of this. You can definitely learn how not to sneak up on someone. And for that alone, this video is worth to watch, of course aside of all the cuteness.

The Shepard Skottke patiently waits, watching him sneak to her!