Pet Tortoise Adorably Wakes Up Sleeping French Bulldog

Published January 14, 2018 1,748,537 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA curious video has emerged of a friendly tortoise engaging in play mode with a sleepy French Bulldog. Watch as Leonardo, the ninja turtle, attempt to wake up Peanut, the sleeping beauty pooch from his nap for some attention!

Footage shows as the curious turtle reaching out and stretching its neck up to pup’s ear. The sleeping canine wakes up, puzzled by the sneaky intruder. It is funny how the moment this canine raises its head up, the turtle retreats inside the shell.

It is a fact that dogs and tortoises can be an unpredictable mix. Cases have been reported of a family dog that has never hurt a fly becoming overwhelmed with an irresistible urge to chew on the tortoise. Even dogs that have lived peaceably with tortoises for years have these lapses in decorum.

Both turtles and dogs make wonderful pets, but our canine companions can hurt their reptilian housemates when left unsupervised with them. While it's not impossible to keep both types of pets in your home, you need to provide your turtle with a suitable habitat that dogs can't access and teach your pooch some basic manners to prevent him from using shelley as a chew toy.

Watching these two get along perfectly fine has warmed our hearts. Obviously, this French Bulldog is a gentle friend and is not too aggressive with his fragile tortoise buddy. In addition, the dog doesn’t seem to be bothered by turtle’s presence, but seems to be overwhelmed by his friend’s sudden move towards its ear! Cuteness overload!

Instagram @peanutthefrenchbulldog