Falling Asleep Behind The Wheel Has Never Looked So Cute

Published January 14, 2018 17,243 Plays $47.46 earned

Rumble A hilarious video has emerged from a baby accidentally falling asleep whilst steering an electric toy car. This baby boy has got to stop hitting the ‘bottle’ before sitting behind the wheel. Hilarious!

This adorable clip was filmed on October 30, 2017 in Griffith, NSW, Australia and shows a baby boy named Huey sitting behind the wheel of an electric toy cat. At first sight it seems like the baby is actually steering the car, spinning circles on the pavement. However, as the camera gets closer we start to realize that the baby has actually dozed off behind the wheel and is fast asleep.

Huey was driving around the driveway in his adorable electric toy car, but when the car started spinning around in lazy circles it caught his mother’s attention. When she stepped closer to see why Huey’s driving had suddenly become so odd, she burst out laughing because Huey wasn’t driving at all and had completely passed out behind the wheel!

Amazingly, he kept his leg on the pedal and his arm on the wheel making for the car to go spinning in circles, making it look like he is drifting! Little did his parents know that he was actually asleep whilst steering the electric car.

When his mom realized that her baby boy is doing tiny circles she went to check on him, but when she saw that he is actually sound asleep, she bursted out laughing and had to capture the adorable moment on camera.

Of course, under normal circumstances, falling asleep at the wheel is not an amusing event because all sort of things can happen and there is usually a tragic ending to the story. However, in this particular case, when a mother in Griffith, Australia, saw her baby sleeping and driving, she couldn’t stop laughing.

This might be the sweetest case of “falling asleep at the wheel” we have ever seen. This little guy might want to quit hitting the “bottle” before getting in the driver’s seat!