Pan, The Special Needs Rat, Eats Upside Down

Published January 13, 2018 17,755 Views $18.35 earned

This is Pan. Pan is a special pet – not only that he is a rat, rats are more and more accepted as household beloved family members, but he is also a special needs rat. He is now 3 years of age. He was saved in a nick of time, just before he was to be eaten by a snake. He has been going through cerebral censures all his life. Consequently, he does not behave like normal rats do: he does not climb panes, snoop around or has excessive bursts of energy. Quite on the contrary, this is a mellow sort of a fellow and extremely sweet character. He enjoys eating upside down like you can see in this video. This is why he has gathered such a great number of followers on Facebook. If you are interested to see more of this adorable creature, do visit his Facebook page:

Rats have, since the dawn of time, inhabited and shared our households with us. They have been blamed for food shortages and epidemics and eradicated on site. However, and since relatively recently, we have changed our minds and opened our doors and hearts to the rat as a beloved family pet.

Most pet rats, like our friend Pan, belong to the type ‘Norway Rat’ or Rattus norvegicus. They are quite low maintenance and are so highly intelligent that are incredibly easy to train. The pet rat is bursting with energy and therefore must be exercised intensively outside their cages. They are very social, and you should never be kept alone. Even two males if introduced at a very young age will hang along just fine. Most rat owners compare their experience with their pets with that of having a dog.

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