James Krake: Iron Age Marketing Podcast Episode 028

4 months ago

In this episode, author James Krake discusses his journey as an indie creator and the challenges of self-publishing. He shares his experiences in the indie scene and the struggles of wearing multiple hats in the publishing business. James also talks about his cyberpunk series and how he reimagines the genre. He highlights the importance of reaching an audience and the difficulties of marketing and building a readership.

In this conversation, Nicky P and Krake discuss various aspects of writing and storytelling. They explore the intrigue of drama and the appeal of creating new pulp. They also delve into the challenges of writing in established universes and the importance of good writing. The significance of memorable characters and the role of setting and tone are also discussed. They touch on the need for unique hooks and the value of nuanced conversations. The conversation concludes with a discussion on promoting and discovering books, engaging with readers, and the potential for book adaptations.

- Self-publishing requires authors to wear multiple hats and take on various roles in the publishing business.
- The cyberpunk genre needs to evolve and address current technological advancements and societal concerns.
- Reaching an audience is a major challenge for indie authors, as reading habits are declining and competition from other forms of entertainment is increasing.
- Exploring other mediums, such as graphic novels and video games, can provide new opportunities for storytelling and reaching a wider audience. Creating new pulp can be intriguing and appealing to audiences.
- Writing in established universes can be challenging, as comparisons to the original work are inevitable.
- Good writing is essential for captivating readers and distinguishing oneself as a writer.
- Memorable characters play a significant role in attracting and resonating with readers.
- Setting and tone contribute to the overall atmosphere and impact of a story.
- Unique hooks are necessary to differentiate one's story from others in the same genre.
- Engaging in nuanced conversations can lead to finding common ground and helping others.
- Promoting books and engaging with readers through fan art and contests can foster a sense of community.
- Offering free content can be a way to generate interest and build an audience.
- Fantasy and science fiction have different visual appeals, with fantasy often being more visually stimulating.
- The Matrix has a complicated legacy, with the original film being highly regarded but the sequels receiving mixed reviews.
- Book adaptations have the potential to bring stories to a wider audience.
- Becoming an author is a personal journey that may involve rediscovering one's passion and pursuing writing as a career.

00:00 Introduction and Background
03:00 The Challenges of Indie Publishing
08:00 The Value of Art and Pricing
12:00 Defining the Iron Age and the Indie Scene
16:00 Reimagining Cyberpunk
21:00 The Tech Noir Detective Story
26:00 The Challenges of Reaching an Audience
29:00 The Compulsion to Write and Exploring Other Mediums
33:00 The Frustration of Marketing and Building an Audience
34:41 The Intrigue of Drama
35:06 The Challenge of Writing in Established Universes
35:33 The Importance of Good Writing
36:38 The Significance of Memorable Characters
37:33 The Role of Setting and Tone
38:22 The Need for Unique Hooks
39:24 The Value of Nuanced Conversations
39:56 Promoting and Discovering Books
40:26 Engaging with Readers
41:46 Encouraging Fan Art and Engagement
42:14 The Decision to Offer Free Content
43:45 Differentiating Between Web Novels and Published Books
46:30 The Visual Appeal of Fantasy vs. Science Fiction
48:46 The Complicated Legacy of The Matrix
50:40 The Potential for Book Adaptations
50:49 The Journey of Becoming an Author

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