R-Studio: Professional Data Recovery Software for Apple macOS (No Music)

5 months ago

Formatting a memory card destroys the original file system and replaces it with a new file system. During this process, any data stored on the card is deleted.

For example, with an originally formatted ExFAT memory card, after reformatting, the all-important $FAT metafile would be destroyed and replaced with a relatively speaking nearly empty file.

However, even after reformatting, most of the data on the drive remains unaffected. Consequently, data recovery software such as R-Tools Technology R-Studio can be used to recover data from reformatted memory cards.

This video illustrates how to use R-Studio to recover data from a reformatted ExFAT Flash memory card.

If you need help with a data recovery, please feel free to contact us 7 days a week by telephone and text at 1.858.692.0541, by e-mail at info@it-sd.com, or visit our website at https://www.it-sd.com.

1. Launch R-Studio
2. Show Files to Confirm $FAT Has Been Rewritten During Formatting Procedure
3. Scan (Scrape / Carve) for File & Folder Fragments
4. Show Files of Recognized Partition
5. Show Raw Files
6. Select Files & Folders (Directories) to Recover
7. Recover All or Recover Marked (Selected) Files & Folders (Directories)

--Manufacturer: Transcend
--Form Factor: microSDHC
--Interface Speed: Class 10 U1
--Manufacture Date: 2021
--Capacity: 16 GB (14.75 GB USABLE)

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