Spoiled Doberman Cries When Owner Stops Petting Him

Published January 12, 2018 6,772 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAttention is definitely one of the key points when you need to feel loved and important. We've all felt needy and lonely and sometimes even helpless, and for that we know exactly how this Doberman feels. Although, humans tend to be much nicer to animals when they feel that their pet needs some extra attention. Sometimes we feel that we aren't getting enough from humans so its much easier to offer it to you doggy or kitty. Never the less, the cry for attention must always be answered and taken care of. We must always remember to be gentle and loving towards the people that we love and care about. Surely there is going to come a day where we will also find our self's in the same situation. Now, would you want to be looked after in the same manner?!

Here we have a classical case of a attention seeking doggy. This doggy obviously has always gotten what ever he is asked for. However, today is something of a different story. His owner is sitting down next to him, just trying to relax and watch some TV while he is constantly looking at him. As the owner explains in the video, all he want is for his owner to pet him. Even as for a second that he takes his arm off of him, he starts to howl and growl.

Ether way, how can one resist and not pet that cute face!
Listen to Harper whine the moment his owner stops petting him.