RapidSpar: Imaging a 2004 Fujitsu 40GB PATA 2.5-in Hard Drive with Default Settings

4 months ago

Cloning (full disk imaging) a 2004 Fujitsu 40GB PATA 2.5-inch laptop hard disk drive using a DeepSpar RapidSpar with Default Settings. See the hardware user interface and its affects on the hard drive as the disk is initialized and imaged.

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1. Power Up RapidSpar
2. Confirm Target Drive Automatic Initialization
3. Manually Initialize Source Drive
4. Start Imaging Scan with BALANCED Read Settings
5. Change Read Settings to SKIP BADS to Decrease Imaging Time
6. Check Map Statistics for Imaging Results

--Manufacturer: Fujitsu
--Form Factor: 2.5-in Hard Disk Drive
--Model: MHT204AT PL
--Manufacturer Date: 2004
--Capacity: 40GB
--Number of LBAs: 78,140,160

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