GM Wants You To Ride In A Car With No Steering Wheel Or Pedals

NewsyPublished: January 12, 2018
Published: January 12, 2018

General Motors has been making cars for folks since over a century ago. So it would seem that the company that was in the beginning of it all should be the one to bring the future closer to the people.

It is General Motors’ own stab at the driverless mode of transportation. Behold - General Motors just unveiled a self-driving car with no steering wheel or pedals, or any other manual controls. They call it the Cruiser AV and GM wants it on the market and flying - not literally, of course - off the salons by 2019.

If you are wondering how will you get your vehicle to even move from the spot if it doesn’t have any controls, GM has got you. The company says that once the doors are shut, seat belts buckled and the “go” button is pushed, the car is supposed to move on its merry own. Passengers will be able to communicate with the vehicle via tablets.

The plans are for the vehicle to be used in ride hailing. Customers will have an app to hail their ride and go from there. They just need approval from the federal government before official deployment. This is a major step for GM in their aggressive bid to maintain their “big dog” status in the auto industry.

But could it also mean a step closer towards the real life synopsis of the “I, Robot” movie? We will find out soon enough.

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