312-Free Energy -The Facts - Why It's Illegal

5 months ago

312-Dale Pond has extensive knowledge and experience in many fields including science, metaphysics and business. In this provocative interview Dale explains that Free Energy or Zero Point actually exists and has existed for at least 150 years!

As early as 1837 many scientists including Walter Russell, Nicola Tesla, and John Keely invented Free Energy devices that defied explanation. Machines that had no apparent need for an energy source in order to work. You’re probably wondering why you never knew this historical information.

In this incredible interview Dale Pond explains why these and many other Free Energy/Zero Point scientists are never included in the history of Generators, Motors, and other machines unless you are willing to do the diligent research needed for discovery. Even then it seems that these types of machines that defy ordinary explanation are never discussed as anything but fraudulent and unscientific quackery.

Do you have to possess a graduate degree in physics to understand today’s program? Not all! Dale always speaks in easily understandable language so that anyone can understand his well documented topics.

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