Player Performs Amazing 'Round The World' Snooker Trick Shot

Published January 12, 2018 418 Plays

Rumble / Trick ShotsA trick shot is a shot played on a billiards or snooker table, which seems unlikely or impossible or requires significant skill. Trick shots frequently involve the balls organized in ways that are unlikely or impossible to appear in normal play, such as balls being in a straight line, or use props such as extra cues or a triangle that would not be allowed on the table during a game.

In this clip, an amateur snooker player has arranged the red ball in two opposite diagonal lines, with found more in the back arranged as a gate. He hits the cue ball, which ricochets off all the walls on the table, then comes straight down to hit the round ball waiting by the corner pocket.

The trick shot is executed with some remarkable precision, it really gave us some snooker envy. We struggle to remember which balls to hit, let alone perform tricks like these! As an organized cue sports discipline, trick shot competition is known as artistic pool.

The word "snooker" was a long used military term used to describe inexperienced or first-year personnel. In the 1870s, billiards was a popular sport played by members of the British Army stationed in India. Snooker gained its own identity in 1884 when officer Sir Neville Chamberlain, while stationed in Ooty, devised a set of rules that combined pyramid and life pool.