Little Girl Tries To Send Her Pup To Dreamland By Singing A Lullaby

Published January 12, 2018 1,967 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsA heartwarming clip has emerged of a four-year-old girl singing her puppy to sleep with her own lullaby. Watch as Jordan treats her puppy Echo like a baby and tries to send him to dreamland!

Sweet little girl Jordan claims that babies take naps, therefore she tries to sing her loving pup Echo to sleep in the most adorable way by singing a lullaby with her angelic voice!

Footage shows the adorable moment when a little girl sings “Go to sleep” lullaby to her newly-adopted puppy as he curls up next to her in bed. Watching this young lady singing and cradling her tiny puppy has warmed our hearts.

The little girl can be heard quietly singing her pup to sleep, lullabying while she cradles and hugs the dog, cuddling on the bed under the cozy blanket. Hearing this adorable girl sing her pup to sleep, while she wraps her arms around its tiny body.

If you think that your child isn't listening to you sing him his favorite lullabies over and over again, you are seriously mistaken. This sweet video proves that your baby takes note of his mama's voice as she sings her puppy off to dreamland.

Could this girl be any cuter as she sings sweet lullabies to her puppy to send him off to dreamland? The parents of this adorable girl must be so proud of their young lady for having mastered the technique of being compassionate and loving to her pets! Adorable!