Why Are You Afraid of Negotiating | Church 1/21/24

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Hearts are wicked: Race brainwashing. Trust truth. Afraid of negotiating? Want for nothing. Pay attention to self.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 21, 2024

The human heart is wicked. "Race 2 Dinner" — racial brainwashing! If you have anger, you have fear. Afraid of losing something? Trust the truth.

Biblical Question: Why are you afraid of negotiating? Want for nothing; be willing to let it go, and you can negotiate. No such thing as spiritual negotiation, because there is no you.

Last week's assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it's all about self.

New Biblical Question: What ties you to your parents?

0:00:00 Pre-service small talk
0:04:09 JLP: The human heart is evil. "Race 2 Dinner" (Sean)
0:13:49 Feedback: Men too. Brainwashing the races.
0:21:37 Anger is your enemy. (Feedback)
0:24:32 Anyone who has anger has fear. Return to the father. (Feedback)
0:28:12 Trust the truth. Afraid of losing something. (Feedback)
0:36:15 Biblical Question: Why are you afraid of negotiating? (Responses)
0:51:52 Biblical Q continued: Afraid of negotiating (Doug, others)
0:57:25 BQ cont… (Jesse wanted to see death)
1:04:53 JLP on BQ: Want for nothing. Thoughts/Devil work you.
1:10:40 BQ feedback: Spiritual negotiation? Hosea's adulterous wife Gomer?
1:19:14 JLP: No spiritual negotiation. There's no you.
1:19:39 Assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself; it's all about you.
1:25:52 What have you learned about yourself? Not a good person.
1:35:09 Watch yourself, the not-you. (Mae Mae)
1:39:02 New BQ: What ties you to your parents? (Closing)

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